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Decipher Your Defenses With Cyfer Code: Hackers Don’t Take Breaks, Neither Should Your Vigilance.

As a cybersecurity consulting services provider, Cyfer Code is dedicated to building a secure future for your business by securing your digital domain. Two years ago, we united as a team driven by a passion for innovative cybersecurity solutions. Our mission extends beyond just consultation and designing solutions; we also excel in cybersecurity training with Mile2 certified programs and have a wide array of security products.

Our Story

Nearly 4,000 cyberattacks occur every day, with a company falling victim to ransomware attacks every 14 seconds. At Cyfer Code, we understand the importance of strengthening our digital defenses against these threats, and help organizations find secure future-proof security solutions. Our foundation is built on trust, integrity and transparency, which helps us cultivate lasting partnerships with our clients, guaranteeing success and security.

Our Vision

We envision a world where businesses thrive in a secure environment with confidence and resilience, with our team at Cyfer Code playing an integral role through their expertise and commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

At Cyfer Code, we’re dedicated to safeguarding businesses from digital threats through innovative solutions, and empowering others to learn to always have their defenses in place through our hands-on training programs.

Our Unique Edge

Traditional learning boundaries do not allow dynamic learning and confine growth in the field of cybersecurity – Cyfer Code helps break these boundaries down. We redefine the educational experience through experiential programs crafted for practical learning.

Our training methodology revolves around hands-on experiences and simulations rather than just theory, conducted by a team of experienced instructors. Our curriculum focuses on continuous learning, ensuring that students grow their practical skills and adapt to real-world scenarios.

Our compliance with global standards


Our Team

Credibility. Creativity. Commitment.

These core values form the cornerstones of our cybersecurity team at Cyfer Code. With over 50 dedicated professionals, we prioritize building trust through our proven expertise and reliable services. Collaborating closely with our clients, we design innovative solutions and provide consulting services. Our commitment extends to curating programs with unconventional cutting-edge training methods. Our unwavering dedication to a customer-centric approach ensures that your needs are not just met but prioritized within our operations.


With a proven track record of collaboration with industry giants like Deloitte and Cisco, Vamsidhar J demonstrates the highest caliber of knowledge and experience, which stands as a facet of success for Cyfer Code. His excellence in the field of cybersecurity has been gleaned by past audits on 1000+ websites and huge clientele for whom he has performed vulnerability assessment and penetration tests. He has professional certifications as an ethical hacker, and can code in multiple languages that include C#, .NET, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and Python.



Voices of Assurance: Hear What Our Students Have to Say

In a competitive environment, finding job placements can be difficult, but after I completed my training program in Cyfer Code, I was able to land an interview for the position of cybersecurity engineer. I highly recommend learning with Cyfer Code.

–          Vedant Pillai, BE (CSDS)


Enrolling in Cyfer Code’s cybersecurity training was a game-changer for me. The personalized support and hands-on learning made all the difference. I left feeling equipped and confident to take on cybersecurity challenges.

–          Swapna G R, BTech


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